Cambodia is undergoing a rapid rise in popularity for visitors. This is due in part to the increased exposure of the sheer size and grandeur of Cambodia’s major attraction located in the north of the country – the Temples of Angkor through our Cambodia tours & packages. It is also the gentle, polite nature and charming personality of the Khmer people which makes Cambodia a memorable destination.


Cambodia Honeymoon Tours

Honeymoon Tour in Cambodia: 8 days visit Siem Reap, Angkor Wat Comple, Tonle Sap and floating villages, Beach holiday in Sihanoukville  and Phnom Penh


Essential Cambodia Tours

Essential Cambodia Tours 9 Days: visit Phnom Penh, Ancient Temples, Siem Reap and Angkor Wat + Ancient Rolous temples and Sihanoukville for a beach vacation


Angkor Wat Adventure Tour

Through this well planned 4 day Angkor Wat Adventure tour you will learn, explore and discover the largest religious structure in the world, Our package is all inclusive


Cambodia Adventure Tours

Cambodia Tour in Depth: Travel to Cambodia on an exciting 15 Day tour. Itinerary let you to visit Phnom Penh, Kratie, Angkor Wat, Tonle Lake & Sihanoukville


Cambodia Essence Tours

12 Day Cambodia Tours: Cambodia Essence tours: A private trip visiting Phnom Penh, Battambang Southern Beach and Angkor wat temples


Cambodia Off the beaten Tours

A 15 Day privately guided package includes all the must see attractions such as Angkor Wat plus off the beaten path including Kep, Floating villages, Koh ker and Sihanoukville


Cambodia Family Tours

A 7 day best of Cambodia suit for families with kids, you will travel from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap ( home to Angkor Way temples) and the Sihanoukville

Explore Cambodia Tours & Packages 2017

Cambodia has a lot to offer and if you are truly keen to take off for Cambodia tours, we certainly can be the best choice for you to travel with.


Cambodia indeed is a beautiful destination and we make sure to unveil the beauty of Cambodia in the best possible way for our travelers. We at offer various options to choose the kind of tour package you would like to embark on. We are happy to share that we organize stress-free customized Cambodia tour packages, which you can pick. The other option which you can choose as well is a combined trip to Cambodia with Vietnam and or Laos.

Experience a unique holiday with fully expert guided tours of Angkor Wat temples and other sites and attractions of your choice. Opt for one of the following Cambodia tour packages with optional extension to Laos and or Vietnam. Our guarantee satisfaction tour packages are flexible and can be easily customized to our clients demand and specifications. In the other hand, visit the sites and attractions that only interested your mood and traveling style, choose the places you wish to stay and let the rest to our expert trip advisers.

Cambodia Tours & Packages 2017

Budget Cambodia tours designed for travelers with limit on their budget, you will visit all the attractions, places of interest with the only difference that we will have to choose the services that marked as standard or 3 star hotel category basis. In addition, tourists traveling on a budget can still surely enjoy and explore the finest historical sites and even visit other destinations outside of Cambodia, such as Vietnam or Laos on  Indochina Tours.

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Cambodia tours are countless and could be the best option for the money conscious travelers, and fortunately there are these days plenty of cost-effective Cambodia tour packages to choose from, no matter where will you landing or how long is your trip to Cambodia. In the other hand, there are budget tours available that cover all the major attractions in Cambodia.