HANOI shopping guide

Hanoi shopping guide is your first encounter that will likely be with the ladies who sell postcards, Guidebooks or Maps of Vietnam and Or Hanoi, there are many street vendors, street shops and markets that are selling pretty much anything you may call it shopping or a souvenir from Hanoi.

Start from the Hanoi Old Quarter, here is where quality fabrics, clothes and all sort of Hanoi handicrafts are appeared in a wide variety of display from shop to shop. one could call this as a Hanoi Tourist attractions because the shops are part of the attractions in Hanoi as well. there is two model of shopping or better i say markets in Hanoi Old Quarter, the day market and the night markets, both indoors and outdoors and you’ll find that night markets are more of a social than shopping occasion but that doesn’t preclude finding bargains at night. There’s a good arts scene alive in Hanoi and let’s face it; in a city this size with a shopaholic population you’re going to find a lot to buy but under less stressful conditions than frenetic Ho Chi Minh City.


Best places for shopping

Hang Bac Street is one of the oldest streets in Hanoi and perhaps all Vietnam, Hang Bac has its roots in silver making dating back to the 13th century when silver dealers  invited from rural villages by request of Le Thang Tong. Silver goods are still produced here today with most of the work being completely original made by secret methods that have been passed down for generations. This is a charming street to explore, rich in history and culture in addition to jewelers selling beautiful Vietnamese pieces.

Hang Dau Street

Shoe shoppers will be in retail heaven with hundreds of shoe sellers lining Hang Dau Street. Western men may not find much over size nine but there is plenty of choice in women’s shoes. Most of the footwear consists of brand names made at Vietnamese factories that have been rejected as seconds, making them a great purchase with usually only a small imperfection. There are also plenty of fake reproduction bags where Hang Dau Street meets Lo Su.

Hang Gai street

Tailored suits made to measure from superb quality silk are best bought from a tailor on Hang Gai Street, renowned for its quality and choice of craftsmen. Most stores take credit cards and you should start bargaining at around 50% of the asking price and pay no more than 70%. Suits can be ready in 24 hours and it pays to go to a better quality store and avoid the market street traders to guarantee the best quality silk. This is also a great street to buy rice paper products including paintings, notebooks, lamps and cards.

Trang Tien Plaza

If you are into brand names and into the all fashion things then Trang Tien Plaza is your best beat, apparel and electronic goods pack the three-store upmarket Trang Tien Plaza, attracting a young trendy local crowd. Most products are in the luxury bracket at this thriving western-style mall with products including jeans such as Levis and Sony Cameras. The mall is situated on the edge of Hoan Kiem Lake and features a supermarket on the top floor.

Hanoi Shopping Guide

Silk, handicrafts, ethnic minority products, artwork and pictures, rice paper products, souvenirs, printed T-shirts, colorful bandannas, wooden carvings, Ao Dais (Vietnam’s national dress) and much, much more; shopping in Hanoi is a veritable treasure trove and a riot of colors, tastes, smells and unfamiliar sights. Have fun and remember to bargain prices down outside of established shopping malls.

hanoi shopping guide

Hanoi Shopping Guide


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