an dinh palace of hue

The An Dinh Palace of Hue found by emperor Khai Dinh in the early 20th century. He ordered the palace because of his great passion about the French architectural styles and this is on display both here and at his tomb in the countryside which is about 10 kms from the Hue city. However, what you see today is the restoration after the 1975’s Hue Labor Union headquarters.

The main building of the An Dinh Palace of Hue was recently restored as part of a German Government aid project where international specialists trained locals in restoration techniques. The work was especially focused on six large paintings of the Hue countryside commissioned by Khai Dinh. These are a highlight of a visit, along with the building’s ornate interior and exterior work. Information on the palace is even more scarce than at most of Hue’s historical sights  but it seems that Khai Dinh was a regular visitor when departing the confines of his main residence in the citadel.

Address: # 97 Phan Dinh Phung Steet, Hue, Central Vietnam

an dinh palace of hue

An Dinh palace

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