War Remnants Museum

war remnant museum

Once known as the museum of Chinese and American War Crimes, this museum’s name has been changed to avoid offending the sensibilities of Chinese and American tourists. Whatever, the War Remnant Museum has become the most popular museum in Ho Chi Minh City. the museum is well worth to visit.

The War Remnants Museum is located District 3 and is one of the must see Ho Chi Minh Tourist attractions that captures anyone eyes for a memory of victims and American war time. The museum Opened in September of 1975 displaying the exhibits relating to the Vietnam War. The museum has been changed since then and what you see today is after some renovations.


Getting to war remnant museum

The museum located in the Vo Van Tan Street, if you are traveling on your own you can take a taxi, or xe om ( the motor bike taxi), but if you are taking one of our Vietnam tours we will definitely include the war remnants museum into our visit in Ho Chi Minh City.

The war remnant museum opens daily from 8.00AM to 11.45 AM and 13.30 to 16.45, the entrance fee: 10,000VND

war remnant museum

Wa remnant museum


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