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Our Vietnam Tours from Australia have been operating since we started our tours to Vietnam and Indochina, and today there are almost 40 % of all our tours coming from Australia. We are very well known in Australia and have all the necessary experience behind the name Vietnamese Private Tours and this is far enough for us to be one of the best in the Whole Indochina rather than Vietnam.

Vietnam Tours & holidays from Australia

11 Day Travel from Hanoi to Siem Reap

Cambodia Vietnam


11 Day Travel from Hanoi Vietnam) to Siem Reap Cambodia: Embark on a great adventure trip that includes Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Hue, Hoi An & Siem Reap

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Vietnam Classic Tours


Cultural tours

Classic tour visiting highlights of Vietnam, the trip has been designed to visit Halong Bay Cruises, Hanoi, Central highlights of Vietnam in 8 day

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Mekong Delta Overture 7 Days Package



Mekong Delta Overture 7 Days Package is a tailor-made Vietnam vacations include Ho Chi Minh City, boat cruises, bird watching, floating markets, the Mekong Delta ecosystems, Kh'mer architecture, and the ethnic minority Cham Muslim community.

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Vietnam Family Tours


family tours

A 14 day Vietnam family tours on a Private guided journey, the trip start in Hanoi and come to an end in Ho Chi Minh City, you have time to relax on beach in Hoi An

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20 Day Hanoi, Siem Reap, Vientiane Tour

Cambodia Laos Vietnam

Classic Tours

20 Day Hanoi, Siem Reap, Vientiane Tour: Another Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos tour packages with a flexible itinerary to explore best of Indochina your way.

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Luxury Vietnam Tours


Luxury tours

A 16 day luxury tour of Vietnam includes leisurely stays at the best spa resorts providing ample time for you to focus on the treatments and activities that are most suit your interest.

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Vietnam Tours from Australia

Vietnam and Indochina Travel from Australia

Vietnam tours from down under: Shaped like a giant ‘S’, Vietnam covers an area of over 330,000 sq km stretching south from the Chinese border along the east coast of the Indochina Peninsula. The country comprises a complex geography with soaring mountains, fertile delta plains, ancient forests filled with exotic fauna, winding rivers and long sandy tropical beaches. Vietnam tourist attractions although entirely within the tropics, the diversity of the geography of Vietnam produces enormous climatic variations with the north of the country having cold, humid winters and warm, wet summers, whilst the south is generally warm all year with a monsoon season from May to November.

Many years have passed since the end of the American War in Vietnam and yet this is often the first image that people still have of this small southeast Asian country. But in reality Vietnam is a country of outstanding natural beauty, with many small peaceful villages and people going about their daily lives in peace and tranquility. Despite the damage wrought by many years of war, the highlands and rain-forest regions of Vietnam continue to yield new species and they are filled with exotic wildlife. Some of the best beaches and most tranquil islands in southeast Asia can be found along the coastline of Vietnam and because of the proximity of the whole country to the sea, seafood is always on the menu and the cuisine is possibly the most delicious you will find. The larger towns and cities are emerging into the 21st Century with many modern buildings as in all Asian countries and yet they have retained much of the colonial charm and beauty in the buildings, parks and boulevards left behind by the French.

Our Vietnam tours allow you to know the people of Vietnam along the way, Vietnamese are happy and welcoming to visitors with the richness of their origins evident in the daily way of life. Spiritual life in Vietnam is a kaleidoscope of beliefs from Confucianism to Christianity, with a mixture of Buddhism, Taoism, Animism and Tam Giao (triple religion) thrown in for good measure. The most important festival each year is Tet, a week long celebration in late January or early February that welcomes the New Year with festivities ranging from noisy street parties to quiet family gatherings.

vietnam tours from australia

The broad diversity of Vietnam; its geography, people and history, provide the visitor with a wide variety of opportunities. Whilst many people choose to see as much of the country as they can on one extended visit, there are many others – both first and second time visitors – who prefer to take more time to visit one specific part of the country. With so many beach resorts located all along the stunning coastline, historical cities and towns in the north and centre of the country and vibrant rural communities all around the Mekong Delta, Vietnam will surely hold something of interest for you.

Time – Vietnam is 3 hours behind Eastern Standard Time in Australia.

Language – Official language is Vietnamese. English is widely spoken as is French by the older generation.

Entry Requirements – Passport must be valid for 6 months beyond the length of stay. Visas are required for Australians, the price of which is already included in the fully inclusive price of all our group tours for Australian Passport holders.


The former capital of what was South Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City as it is officially known, is at the forefront of the modernisation and expansion that Vietnam is currently undergoing. By Vietnamese standards, Saigon is a modern city thriving on the fast paced lifestyle that comes with the commercial gains. Despite this, there are still many historical sites and locations to see and visit in and around Saigon including the Mekong Delta to the south and the famous Cu Chi Tunnels to the west. Ho Chi Minh City tourist attractions


Hanoi is the capital of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and is often referred to as the ‘Paris of the Orient’. Filled with lakes, tree lined boulevards and French designed villas, this romantic city cuts a distinctly different style of life to that in Saigon. A visit to the old quarter in Hanoi is a must; comprised of trading streets where traditional and modern goods are traded from centuries old ‘tunnel houses’ and narrow streets are abuzz with colour and activity. Hanoi tourist attractions


This ancient city is bisected by the Perfume River, given its name by the smell created from the fallen flowers which drift down the river each year. Hue became the capital and cultural centre of Vietnam last century and was home to Vietnam’s last emperor dynasty and as such contains the must see UNESCO World Heritage listed Imperial Citadel and Royal Tombs. Hue Tourist attractions


Known as the ‘Living Museum of Vietnam’, this UNESCO World Heritage listed town is a place lost in time. Once a major trading port of southeast Asia from the end of the 16th Century to the early 19th Century, Hoi An was populated and influenced architecturally by Japanese, French, Chinese and Vietnamese designs. Becoming forgotten to the outside world once its river silted up, this charming town still retains its well kept original historic buildings and ancient backstreets and has become a favourite destination for today’s visitors. It is also the best place for bargain priced, tailor-made clothes. Hoi An tourist attractions


Built by the French as a hill station retreat from the Saigon heat, this small town nestled in the Central Highlands is a favourite destination for romantics and is also known as the favourite honeymoon destination amongst the local Vietnamese. Being surrounded by lakes, valleys and waterfalls, this small colonial designed town has a real alpine feel. Danang Tourist attractions


Nha Trang has traditionally relied on its vast fishing industry which is evident in the lifestyle of the local people. Taking advantage of some of the best coastline and weather in Vietnam, Nha Trang has developed into one of its main resort towns. Boasting perfect weather for fishing and some of the clearest water in Vietnam, a cruise, snorkel and seafood lunch out on the bay amongst the islands off Nha Trang is a must. Nha Trang Travel Guide & Tours


A favourite destination for those who have ventured there, the old French hill station of Sapa is set amongst the picturesque Hoang Lien Son Mountain range, which is the highest in Vietnam. Inhabited by the Black Hmong ethnic minority and surrounded by many other colourful hill-tribe minorities. Sapa is a perfect location to appreciate the lifestyle of these friendly people, especially at one of the local markets. Sapa Travel Guide


The UNESCO World Heritage listed Halong Bay is often referred to as the ‘Jewel in the Crown’ of Vietnam. According to legend, the 1000 islands were formed by a dragon and its efforts to form some of the most stunning scenery in Vietnam. No itinerary would be complete without at least spending a 4hr cruise on the Bay of Tonkin and, if time permits, staying overnight onboard a traditional junk boat anchored amongst the bizarre rock sculptures watching the sunset and sunrise. Halong Bay Overnight cruise


(My Tho, Chau Doc, Can Tho, Vinh Long)

Known as the ‘Rice Basket’ of Vietnam, the Mekong Delta is an important region both economically and culturally for the country as it is the world’s largest exporting region of rice. Home to 15 million Vietnamese, this is a world of waterways, backwaters and canals, always influenced by the whims of the river system. The delta is an ideal place to experience the life of a local Vietnamese farmer in one of our home stays, located amongst the small islands and canals of the Mekong River. Mekong Delta Tour & Cruise