Sapa Love Market

Sapa Love Makerket: Montagnards from surrounding villages don their most colourful costumes and head to the Sunday market, at least theu used to –  these days there are so many tourists dressed in souvenir H’mong clothing that you have to wonder who’s kidding whom.

Review of Sapa Love Market

Sapa love market is held in the downtown of Sapa where streets filled with hundreds of Hmong and Red Dao people in colorful ethnic custom heading to Sapa market. The Sunday market is open until late afternoon. This market is very important for locals as beside trading, selling and buying they will be able to meet and socialize after hard working days.


Location of Sapa love market

The location of the Sapa love market is right at the center of the town, when in Sapa take a short walk to Sapa stone church at the Sapa mail square where you’ll see the local’s set their goods and waiting for someone like you.

Sapa Sunday market is open as both indoor and outdoor spaces, some stalls selling flowers, fresh products fruits and foods, while other shops which are considering as an indoor shops selling fabrics and cloth in a large scale. Actually the second floor is the must visited part of the Sapa Sunday market as this is where you can find and buy the colorful custom of the Hmong and Dao ethnic peoples. Our Vietnam tours in Sapa will let you visit this market as well.

The Sunday market starts in the morning, so, we advise you to visit the market in the morning and have your breakfast together with friendly locals, the favorite breakfast is either steamed corn wheat called “mèn mén” in Vietnamese or “thắng cố” which means the horse soup with corn wine. These are traditional food and beverage of local people in Sapa.

Visitor Guide

This market is opens only on Sunday. It only takes tourists staying in Sapa town few walking minutes to get Sapa market, which is located right in the heart of the town, nearby Sapa church.


Sapa love market


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