hanoi Temple of Literature

The historic Temple of Literature  is few hundred meters away from the Hoan Kiem lake, the center of Hanoi. The temple was built in 1070 during the Ly Thanh Tong’s dynasty, the first and foremost to honor Confucius but nowadays to celebrate the doctorates and high rank scholars of Vietnam. By the way, in 1076, King Ly Nhan Tong continued the work and made the temple as the first university of Vietnam.

If you are an architecture freak, Temple of literature has one of the best typical architecture style to offer, composed of wood and tiles. Along the pass way is hundred-year-old trees that have witnessed ups and downs of history. There are 3 courtyard to visit, each with its own significance and history. The first courtyard stretches from the main gate to Dai Trung gate; the second stands out with Khue Van Cac pavilion. The third courtyard is where doctor names was listed on a tombstone above tortoise backs.


Temple of Literature

The fourth courtyard is dedicated for Confucius and his 72 honored students, as well as Chu Van An- a famous teachers known for his devotion to teaching. This is also where local authorities choose to cherish brilliant students in Hanoi, like those with top entrance results to university or top graduation outcomes. The last and also furthest courtyard is Thai Hoc house, which used to be Quoc Tu Giam- the first university of Vietnam.

Fast fact and visitor guide

Entrance fee: 20.000 VND

Opening hours: 08:30 AM – 16:30

Address: Van Mieu Street, Hanoi

temple of literature

Temple of Literature

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