Hanoi presidential palace

Among the all Hanoi tourist attractions the Presidential Palace will impress you with its scenic beauty. As you visit Hanoi, you must not miss out the Presidential Palace in Hanoi.

Presidential Palace in Hanoi is a three story monument located on the north of Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. The Palace stands as a French contribution to the architectural splendor in Indochina. This mustard-yellow palace was built from 1900 to 1906 to function as the living and operational bases of the governors-general of Indochina, the designs of this palace were conceived by Auguste Henri Vildieu, the French architect officially appointed for Vietnam.


Hanoi Presidential Palace

According to the history, The President Ho Chi Minh refused staying in Hanoi presidential palace when he returned to independent Vietnam after defeating the French in 1954. He rather began staying in a mere cottage within the premises of the palace from 1954 to 1958. Thereafter, he built a stilt house but he continued to use the palace when important guests came to Hanoi for a political reason.

Good to know

Visitors are not allowed to enter the palace, photography is allowed from the outside.

The Palace is enclosed by gardens and the famous Mango Alley, which being 300 feet long boulevard, leads from the palace to the stilt house where Ho Chi Minh stayed.

Presidential Palace has a conical structure feature.

hanoi presidential palace

Hanoi Presidential Palace


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