hanoi Ambassador Pagoda

Hanoi Ambassador Pagoda is an active pagoda and usually thronged with worshipers; the interior is always dim and smoky with incense. To the rear is a school of Buddhist doctrine. For good luck, visitors of any stripe are welcome to buy sticks of incense and make offerings at the various altars and sand urns. It’s easy to just follow suit, and folks will be glad to show you what to do.

The Hanoi Ambassador Pagoda or as locally known the Quan Su is one of the most important temples in all Vietnam. The construction of the Ambassador Pagoda was begun in the 17th century along with a small house for visiting Buddhist ambassadors, in 1934 the pagoda became the headquarters of the Buddhist Association in Hanoi, and today it is headquarters for the Vietnam Central Buddhist Congregation.


Getting to Hanoi Ambassador Pagoda

The direction to the Hanoi Ambassadors Pagoda start from the north side of the Hoan Kiem Lake from there make your way along Hang Gai and Hang Bong Streets which are two main streets in the Old Quarter. When you get to the intersection to Hang Da and Quan Su, turn left onto Quan Su and walk down to the intersection with Hai Ba Trung where the Ambassador Pagoda located. If you already taken a Vietnam Tours then you dont need to be worry on how to fin dthe Ambassador Pagoda as you just need to seat back and enjoy the charm of Hanoi, however, It only takes around 10 to 15 minutes to walk to the temple so there is no real need to get public transport.

Good to know

Its a Pagoda, means a place for worship, so, dress appropriately when in Pagoda. Your knees and shoulders need to be covered otherwise you cant get permission to visit the temple. There is no entrance fee however donations for the maintenance of the temple are accepted and it is open from 9am to 5pm to the public.

Hanoi Ambassador Pagoda is not considered as a must see Hanoi tourist attractions , however it is interesting if you want to see Buddhism in action in a country where, officially, it is atheist. It is a beautiful pagoda that has some information on the development and history of Buddhism in Vietnam.

hanoi ambassador pagoda

Ambassador Pagoda


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