Hai Ba Trung Temple

The temple of trung sisters, was built in the 12th century, Hai Ba Trung Temple is dedicated to the two Trung sisters that ruled Vietnam during the war with the Chinese. The well decorated temple houses the statue of the two sisters. Some say they look like they are addressing the people. Others say they look like they are about to jump for their death, in a river, after being defeated by the Chinese. well, whatever your guide says, Hai Ba Trung is a nice place to visit when in Hanoi. the temple is also called Dong Nhan Temple just because it was built in the area with same name.

Hai Ba Trung Temple festival

Hai Ba Trung Temple festival held annually from the 3th to the 6th day of the second lunar month. The festival starts by an opening temple ceremony on the 3th day. In the morning of the 4th day, villagers start a “nhap tich” ceremony and the main day of the festival is on 5th day where there are a washing statues ceremony and dancing repertoires. The 6th day will be the day for vegetarian offerings.

Address: 12 Huong Vien Street

Opening hours: 08:30 to 17:00

hai bai trung temple

Hai Ba Trung Temple

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