dieu de national pagoda

Dieu De national pagoda is an interesting tourist sight on Bach Dang Steet near. It’s a good place to incorporate into a cycle around the citadel or a walk along quaint Bach Dang St. the pagoda was once a center of Buddhist protest against the US backed regime of Ngo Dinh Diem.

Different pagoda precincts are situated along four roads namely To Hien Thanh, Bach Dang, Ong, and Dieu De Pagoda. Dieu De Pagoda is not as captivating as Thien Mu Pagoda, but it has its own charm. The central chamber of the pagoda is called the ‘dai giac,’ this chamber is the place for worship. The ‘la thanh’ system was built using durable and sturdy materials and is next to the pagoda. Dieu De national Pagoda had several Buddha statues within its walls before. These statues came from Giac Hoang Pagoda.

dieu de national pagoda

Dieu de national pagoda

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