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Oevr the years the Viet Congs, learning by trial and eror, developed simple but effective techniques to make their tunnels difficult to detect or disable. Wooden trapdoors were camouflaged  with earth and branches; some were booby-trapped. With Cu Chi Tunnel tour you will be able to visit a series of underground tunnels that was made by Viet Congs during the American War

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One of teh most historical vestiges of Vietnam’s national liberation war. It is located in Phu My Hung Ward about 70 km from Saigon. The network consists of over 200 KM of tunnels connected with one another like a cobweb, inside the tunnels are kitchens, food and ammunition storage caches, medical care chambers, meeting rooms, commanding chambers and more


Cu Chi Tunnel tour

From this underground village, the revolutionary forces staged the 1968 general offensive and the Ho Chi Minh Campaign in April 1975 to liberate south Vietnam. Those who set foot in this tunnels cant help but admiring the talent, determination and endurance of the communist guerrillas. They dug and remove tens of thousands of tons of soil and stone with rudimentary tools, and then camouflaged the opening so well that nobody could find them.

Cu Chu Tunnel is open daily from 8 am to 4 pm.

cu chi tunnel tour

Cu Chi Tunnels


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