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A Simple question that makes anyone confuse is how to pick a right Halong bay cruise. Walking through the Hanoi old quarter seeing different prices offered by small travel agencies pricing vary from US$ 30 to up to US$ 150 for the same activities which is Cruising on Halong bay, but you may consider some factors before deciding which cruise is good for you. First of all, what is your budget? How much you’d like to spend, the options for how to choose a cruise in Halong Bay are vary from super budget US$ 30 to up to US$ $ 800, Second, what is your travel style? There are many Cruises from small Junk to the luxury cruises. Third, transportation from Hanoi to Halong City; whether in a group bus or in a private comfortable AC car. these are the things that one should consider before taking the Halong Bay Overnight cruise

What to expect from a cruise tour in Halong Bay?

Services are vary from cruise to cruise this is pretty much based on cruise type, cabin style, foods and much more, services for 4 and 5 stars cruises are much better including snorkeling and fishing equipment, Jacuzzi and spa as well as kayaking.


Seriously, contact a reliable travel agency to give you the right options, I’m not telling you this because i am writing for but this is based on all the review you may find through the internet, anyways, Expect to pay for a super luxury cruise as high as US$ 1000 / for a double luxury cabin for 2 days 1 night with a luxury high end services.

Sometimes, you see a difference on pricing for same cruising, But look, see WHAT IS INCLUDED and WHAT IS NOT. some online tour providers exclude the round-trip transportation in order to show the cheaper price for the luxury services. If you are looking for a luxury high end cruises, i suggest Paradise Luxury Cruise, Au Co cruise, Bhaya Cruise and so on. The rate is of course different from cruise to cruise. The most expensive ones are Au Co and Violet Cruise. If you travel to Vietnam during the summer from May to September, there will be a big deal for most cruises, we at Vietnamese Private tours offers discounts from 20% to 40%.

Safety on board the cruise

When considering how to choose a cruise in Halong Bay then avoid the old cruises, check the cruise website and see what are the facilities, make sure if they offer safety and security equipments such as life vests, alarm clock, hammer and safety deposit box for the time you leave the boat for swimming, or kayaking.

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Different cruises sailing through the Bay


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