Ben Thanh Market in Saigon

Saigon has a number of incredibly huge, indoor markets selling all manner of goods, Ben Thanh market in Saigon is one of the best places to pick up conical hats and Ao Dai, the Ben Thanh and surrounding streets makes up one of the city’s liveliest area.

Saigon Ben Thanh Market

There are many indoor marketplace in Ho Chi Minh City and Ben Thanh arket in Saigon is the most central among them, the market locally called Cho Ben Thanh. the surrounding streets makes the bazaar up one of the city’s liveliest areas. Everything commonly eaten, worn or used by the average resident of Ho Chi Minh City is available in the market: Vegetables, fresh tropical fruits, meat, spices, tobacco, clothing, hats, households items, hardware and so forth.


Ben Thanh Market in Saigon is a bazaar place that real Vietnamese cuisine can be found as well, there are a great numbers of vendors and food stalls in the market food sector that offers fresh foods in order. If you visit the ben thanh bazaar in the night time when the market is closed you may find the foodies around the market. Try the local foods such as fried fish, the great fresh sea-foods and a cool beer. This could be 100 % a local experience and it is the best idea to make friends with local Vietnamese who keen to come and practice their English skill. why not !

My one prefer to buy my piece of souvenir from the Ben Thanh bazaar. Pick your favorite item and gift to you beloved or family and let them remind you and your Vietnam holidays

Ben Thanh Market visitor guide

The quality of items you purchase in the ben thanh market are all good but you may consider the prices as the sellers offer their goods up to 3 times more than the normal price. my tips for the visitors is that you may walk well through the market and compare the prices from shop to shop then you can pick up your favorite souvenir.

Another good tip for the visitor is that the first comer always get the better price, try to visit the market early in the morning to get the best deal on the items you purchase, the sellers always willing to offer lower price as they believe if you buy cheaper you bring good luck to them, whatever, if you want cheaper price then go earlier.

benH thanh market in saigon

Ben Thanh Market


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