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The Bach ma national park in central Vietnam and close to both Danang and Hue. Bach Ma park covers an area of about 37,500 hectare over there districts of Phu Loc, Nam Dong and Dong Giang. It’s quite easy to access Bach Ma National Park from Hue, Its almost 40 km from Hue and some 70 km if you off to the park from the Danang city. The park is a protected area and was established in 1991 and consists of three zones: a strictly protected core, an administrative area and a buffer zone. However, the national park features tropical climate with 2 distinctive seasons: dry one and rainy one.

What to see in Bach Ma National Park

The Bach Ma National Park is well-known for its biodiversity. the park is considered as the Centre of flora diversity in Vietnam, as it represents around one-fifth of the entire flora of the country which is a big WOW. The forest also possesses a precious source of over 500 species which serve as medicinal plants. Besides, this is where people can luckily see the famously Sao la a type of antelope, exists only in Vietnam, first discovered in 1992 and may be one of the rarest mammals on the planet.


A place for bird watching

Bach Ma National Park is one of the best places to set a camp, trek, rappel or simply wander through the forests to discover the beauty of Bach Ma’s flora and fauna. At Do Quyen Fall, adventurers have chance to thrillingly abseil down the upper section of the fall. Or else, visitors can walk down to the bottom of the falls to catch the whole fantastic view of the fall and spend more time swimming in the stream.

Bach ma is all about nature and lush forests, also, a lovely place for those who are eager to take the bird-watching tours in bach a national park. Visitors will find Bach Ma a real place for bird watching. The 358 species of birds in the park account for more than one-third of the bird species of Vietnam, including the fabulous crested argus pheasant and the tenacious Edwards’ pheasant (the symbol of Bach Ma National Park) – unseen and thought to be extinct for 50 years. Numerous bird species like pigeons, bulbuls, malkohas, crow pheasant, herons and egrets but sights of parakeets, kingfishers or jungle fowl are worth adding to tourists’ bird-watching collection.

When to go?

To visit the Bach Ma National Park on February, when famous red Rhododendron simsii blossom along small streams and in particular at the bottom of the Rhododendron waterfall. During February the weather is ideally dry with favorable temperatures.

bach ma natonal park

Getting there

From Hue City, tourists can travel to Bach Ma by car by following the National Highway 1A for about 40km. There’s a small road leading to the National Park next to Cau Hai Market. From here, Bach Ma’s main entrance is just 3km behind. Tours to Bach Ma are available from both Hue and Danang, and make sure you look around to get the best deal.

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Bach Ma

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